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What If?

Do you ever imagine your life differently than it is right now?  Wish you could stay home with your kids? Wish you could take that vacation? Buy that new car (or new to you car)?  And you would do all these things if only you had just a little extra cash, but there never seems to be enough?

What if I tell you that for a $99 investment you would get $250+ in products and sell that, make your investment back AND get more money to invest in more products to share.  That’s all you have to do is Share.  Share your love of the products.  What if I told you that if you gave it 3 months and didn’t like it, you could just stop and have some great products that are helping you to pamper yourself.  Good, Soothing products.   What if I told you I have a growing team of amazingly supportive people who share experiences so everyone benefits from each other’s knowledge?  What if I told you that we’d love to have you join the team?

All of that is true.  All of it.  For $99 you do get over $250 worth of products PLUS over $100 in business supplies.  You are set up to have a successful business for sure.   When you sign up you get a FREE website so that your customers have a place to go to order from YOU! And I’m sure you have heard these crazy direct sales businesses always have these scary sales quotas…well, not Posh! Do you think $50 a month is too difficult?  Yup $50. And it’s not monthly, it’s $300 January through June and $300 July through December.  That’s It!   Everyone I have on my team has made their $300+ on their first party.

The best part of it is, you make the business what you want.  It’s YOUR business.  It’s YOUR Opportunity. It’s YOUR answer to the What If!  So, when are you going to ask me the questions you have?  I am here to answer any of them.  It’s important to make an educated decision and I’m here to be honest about the business opportunity.  Just tell me what you want to know.

Check out the Current kits (there are 2 to choose from):

Lots of Posh March  fresh face march


And here is the March Exclusive Product – Only get it if you purchase the Starter Kit in March (and honestly, it looks AMAZING!):

March exclusive product


What If you contacted me today?  I’m sure you’ve spent $99 on worse things than pampering products.  So worse case scenario is you have a great deal on some great products.  Best Case – all your dreams come true!

Don’t have questions and just want to start now?  Sign up HERE

Happy Pampering!


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