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The Power of Positive…Affirmations

The power of a negative downward spiral is strong. One negative thought breeds more negativity, and it can become just a state of being.  “I can’t win.” “Nothing good ever happens.” “Why me?”  Ever felt that way?   I have.  More than I really care to admit.

Now negativity breeds negativity, so couldn’t positivity do the same?  It does.  And an easy way to bring some positivity back into your life takes less than 5 minutes. Think of it as a way to pamper your mind.  Affirmations.  You may think “cute little phrases that are positive.”  But I’d prefer to view them as “Mind alterers.”  Use the daily affirmation to visualize what you want to get out of your day, your job, your life.  You name it.  Possibilities are endless. But it all starts with just one POSITIVE thought. Just yourself, doing something for yourself.   Less than 5 minutes and it’s a feel good for you!

My affirmation for today is “Every day brings on a brand new opportunity for success!”

Do you do this already?  If so, comment below!!

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