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Start the New Year with a Sha-BANG!

So, no doubt you’ve made some resolutions like I have.  It’s January 1st…time to get fit, healthy, lose weight, take care of myself…..EXERCISE!  We get so into it we can sometimes over do it.  Or our muscles are so under-worked from the last, oh….360 days, they get sore when we work out.   To help me through this, I grab my  Hot Pepper Sha-Bang Muscle Stick.

So once we’ve done the damage, the aches and pains don’t stop just because we’re busy. This portable stick gives you deep-down relief on-the-go with capsaicin from hot peppers, softening cocoa butter, and a calming essential oil blend. It goes on smooth and smells amazing!  I can really smell the Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus.  It’s so relaxing and spa-like.

I’ve used this product during any of my exercise endeavors and also when I fell off my horse.  It really helped to sooth the pain (but not my ego!)

All you have to do is rub the stick over sore muscles to relieve tension and help them relax. If you can, add a warm towel or heating pad to enhance the healing.  You want to make sure to test it on sensitive areas before use it and make sure to keep it away from your eyes and face.  You may not “feel” the heat, but it’s working.   I also like to use it right after my shower, when my pores are open and can really take the butter in.

Go ahead, try it for yourself. Your body will thank you!

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