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Slow Cooker Clean Up in (Less Than) 5 Minutes

Hey There! Today we’re going to talk about a 5 Minute Cooking Tip, well, really a cleaning tip.  Statement of Truth:  I love to use my slow cooker, especially in the fall/winter, but I hate cleaning up messes. So there are this little product that I love even more than my slow cooker itself.  What are they you ask?  Slow Cooker Liners!!  They make the clean up go oh, so fast, and you are ready to start your next meal within no time at all.

Lining your Slow Cooker

To start,  you need to secure yourself some of these handy, dandy liners.  I get my liners at Walmart or my local grocery store. Sometimes you can find coupons.  Watch for them to be on sale and stock up! Just like the packaging says…No soaking. No Scrubbing.  Yay!! Slow Cooker Liners

Next, open the box and take one out. Liner and Slow Cooker

Open the liner, like you would open a bag.Liner Opened

Next, place the liner in your slow cooker and fold the edge down over the top.Liner in Slow Cooker

Finally, place your ingredients inside the liner and you are ready to go!

What About the Easy Clean Up?!

Glad you asked because that’s the best part! When your meal is done, just take the food out of the liner and throw the liner away.  Your slow cooker stays clean inside and you’re ready for the next recipe.   It really makes it easy to cook all your fall/winter comfort foods like stews and soups, every day if you want, without the extra headache of cleaning the “after meal mess”.  Less dishes makes a very happy 5 Minute Pampering Mama!

**Note, I do use a towel to wipe out my slow cooker of any condensation that occurs.

So that’s your 5 Minute Cooking Tip!

So tell me, what’s your favorite cooking tip that saves you time?  Add a Comment or Join my 5 Minute Pampers Facebook Group to discuss!

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