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Shea Yourself the Love

Here at 5 Minute Pampering we want to educate you on all the great ingredients that Perfectly Posh Products are made of.  So today we are looking at SHEA BUTTER.

What is Shea Butter?

It’s a Super healing and protecting butter, derived from the nut of the African Shea Tree.   It is especially soothing during the winter months when dry, dehydrated skin is at its worst.  It is rich in vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids.  It is a multi-purpose moisturizer that can be used on hands, feet, face, lips and even your hair!

What Perfectly Posh Products Contain Shea Butter?

  • Apricots Overnight Face Mask
  • As Good As Gold Skin Stick
  • Caffeinator Skin Stick
  • Candy Crushed Lip Balm
  • Cheers, My Dears Skin Joy Body Butter
  • Classic Pink Snarky Bar
  • End Mend Conditioner
  • End Mend Fix Spritz
  • End Mend Shampoo
  • Fun Lip Lip Balm
  • Gender ender
  • Get Fresh Lip Balm
  • Girl Crush Skin Joy Body Butter
  • Glad to Mint You Lip Balm
  • Goodnight Kisses Overnight Lip Mask
  • Hot Pepper Sha-Bang Muscle Stick
  • Hunk Chunk Big Bath Bar
  • It’s Da Bee’s Knees Salt and Honey Body Scrub
  • Love the Dark Black Sea Salt Body Scrub
  • Man Balm Lip Therapy
  • Never Grow Up Face Creme
  • Offshore Restore Conditioner and Hair Mask
  • One Smart Cookie Lip Balm
  • Orange Cara-Mellow Lip Balm
  • Orange Cara-Mellow Lip Scrub
  • Perk! Skin Stick

You can check them all out here!

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