Love to Moisturize
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Moisturize, How to do it Right!

Do you moisturize on a daily basis? It’s really important for the health of your skin to make sure you do.  Let me share with you how to do it right!

Love to Moisturize

Did you ever feel like when you moisturize it just isn’t working and you still have totally dry skin?   Well, here’s your 5 Minute Pampering Tip to help…

The Best Time to Moisturize

Did you know that the best time to moisturize is right after you get out of your bath or shower?  Your pores are open and are ready to take in all the goodness of your moisturizer.  This also gives you the opportunity to really help your skin from becoming too dry because after a shower or bath water evaporates quickly from your skin.  You want to take this early opportunity to get the moisture back in.  The longer you wait, the more dried out your skin will be.

How to Prepare your Skin

So, how do you prepare your skin after your shower or bath?  All you have to do is pat your skin dry with your towel.  Don’t rub, just pat.  Rubbing your skin with your towel can do damage to sensitive skin.  Patting your skin dry is more gentle and better for you.   Once you have patted your skin dry, go ahead and apply your moisturizer.   That’s it.  Within 5 minutes you are moisturized and ready to go.

Give your Skin the Best Moisturizer

It’s not only important to make sure you moisturize at the right time, but also to give your skin products that don’t contain inferior ingredients and fillers.  I suggest you take a look at the Body Butters that Perfectly Posh has to offer.  You can find the products offered at anytime by clicking on “Shop Now” in the menu or by clicking HERE.

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