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Indulge in a Beverage?

I really love a good hot tea when I am decompressing.  Something warm and soothing. I’m not one for herbals, but a nice Earl Grey goes a long way in my book. There is something comforting about cradling your tea cup and breathing in the aroma. The warmth surrounds you and helps to relax you after a long day.

Tea is not the only relaxing beverage.  Some would say the same for a decaf cup of coffee, or a nice cucumber infused water.  How about wine?  Red, White, it doesn’t matter.  When taking a few moments to sip our drink of choice, it is a pampering moment.  Take the time to experience what it is you are doing.  Each one can attack our senses.  How does your beverage look? Smell? Taste? How is the feel of it on your lips? What about the sound of pouring it or the clatter of the glass/china/ceramic as you set it down after indulging?

I encourage you to pamper yourself this week by taking 5 Minutes to embrace a beverage experience.

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