Oh Yeah…I love me some Goodnight Kisses!   I have been struggling with dry lips, and I’ve been applying lip balm, reapplying, reapplying, reapplying, reapplying…. you know the drill.  It wasn’t working.  They feel good for a bit, then reapply.  UGH…such a vicious cycle.   But now I found a legit answer to my problem.  I’ve been holding onto this product a while.  Don’t know why….claiming temporary insanity.   Here’s my thoughts on it:

Goodnight Kisses Overnight Lip Mask

This Lip Mask is in a tube like a lip gloss.  It is thicker than a gloss. When applying it, you immediately smell the peppermint.  I LOVE THAT!  It goes on smooth (squeeze a little to get the flow started…like I said it is thicker than a gloss).  When I put it on my lips felt moisturized IMMEDIATELY.  Fast forward to waking up in the morning…My lips weren’t dry, cracked and flaking.  They were soft and felt good.

What’s the secret?  The ingredients include Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oil.   This combo definitely hydrates your lips.   Best part?  You can apply it as much as you want.  I am going to do it EVERY night.  Get your Goodnight Kisses today!

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