Show Off Face Cleanser
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Just Showin’ Off with a Face Cleanser

Face cleanser product review:  Show Off

I really LOVE the smell of Show Off Foaming Face Cleanser.  It smells Happy.  But seriously, citrus. Oranges.  Florida.  Warmth.  So happy compared to this cold, wet, Pennsylvania winter.  Just Sayin’.

Back to the product….Show Off is part of the Look Natural Line and it feels really good on the skin.  It has ingredients that help to even the skin tone and keep your skin radiant.  Who doesn’t like to shine?  I know I do!  (I think I said that in the review) Did you see where I lost my my polka-dotted head band.  So crazy. That is extreme face washing right there!

Show Off Face Cleanser

So, what do you like in a face cleanser?  This foaming one is definitely something that you will want to try.  It can be used daily.  And it’s Vegan.  How about that?!  Good stuff. You can’t go wrong with Show Off.  Want to try it?  Go check it out HERE.

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