• Enjoy the Summer Sun
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    Summer Skincare

    Summer is right around the corner and summer skincare should be at the front of our thoughts.  As the weather starts to get warmer and we start spending more time outside, there are a few things we should do to make sure our skin stays healthy. Simple Summer Skincare Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!  Start with your moisturizer.  Something light but nourishing will do the trick. From your face down to your toes!  Moisturizing is an important step in summer skincare. And don’t forget your body. Once you go back inside, moisturize to help replenish what was taken after being in the sun.  Sunburn or not. Drink water as often as possible. …

  • Show Off Face Cleanser
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    Just Showin’ Off with a Face Cleanser

    Face cleanser product review:  Show Off I really LOVE the smell of Show Off Foaming Face Cleanser.  It smells Happy.  But seriously, citrus. Oranges.  Florida.  Warmth.  So happy compared to this cold, wet, Pennsylvania winter.  Just Sayin’. Back to the product….Show Off is part of the Look Natural Line and it feels really good on the skin.  It has ingredients that help to even the skin tone and keep your skin radiant.  Who doesn’t like to shine?  I know I do!  (I think I said that in the review) Did you see where I lost my my polka-dotted head band.  So crazy. That is extreme face washing right there! So,…

  • Love to Moisturize
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    Moisturize, How to do it Right!

    Do you moisturize on a daily basis? It’s really important for the health of your skin to make sure you do.  Let me share with you how to do it right! Did you ever feel like when you moisturize it just isn’t working and you still have totally dry skin?   Well, here’s your 5 Minute Pampering Tip to help… The Best Time to Moisturize Did you know that the best time to moisturize is right after you get out of your bath or shower?  Your pores are open and are ready to take in all the goodness of your moisturizer.  This also gives you the opportunity to really help your…

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    Apricot Kernel Oil – Ingredients A to Z

    Apricot Kernel Oil. What is it? Where does it come from? What’s it used for?  All great questions about one of the greatest ingredients! Ingredients are So Important Just as it is important that we take care of ourselves, it is important to understand what you are putting on your body.   That’s where Ingredients A to Z will come in.   Today we’ll talk about Apricot Kernel Oil What is Apricot Kernel Oil? Apricot Kernel Oil is the oil created when you press the Apricot pits.  It’s easily absorbed into your skin and hair.  It has incredible moisturizing properties that will leave your skin and hair soft without any greasy residue.…

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    Skin Care doesn’t have to be Scary

    Let’s talk about Healthy Skin and how your Skin Care does not need to be Scary. What Steps should you take for the ultimate Skin Care? Here are some tips that will help you get healthy, radiant and pampered looking skin. Each of these should be part of your Skin Care regimen. Exfoliate, Regularly! Exfoliation helps the dead skin cells that are found on the top layer of your skin, to be scrubbed off.  Doing this regularly will allow your moisturizing and hydrating products to soak into your skin better. Don’t Pull Down, Work the Products UP and Away! When you are cleansing, use circular motions. Start at your jaw…

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    The Miracle

    It’s hard to explain how much I love this little skin stick! This is the first product I ever used from Perfectly Posh. My son suffers from eczema something severe and I was sick of putting steroids on him. Being a boy he wasn’t keen on lotions.  So in comes THE HEALER!  He was able to apply it himself when the back of his knees itched and overnight – healing occurred. AMAZING!!!  That was 3 years ago – he still keeps one by his bed.  And I have one in my purse, one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in the bathroom. No Joke!!  We use…

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    Let Them Take Baths!

    Check this out!!! Prepare to be Pampered and Indulged! I have an amazing bundle for all of you!!! 7 amazing Fizi Bath Bombs in 7 different indulgent scents!! FREE Fizi Bomb Bag $25 for the Bundle $5 SHIPPING (Free if you are Local) FREE Mystery Gift to the first 10 sold All orders will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Body Butter or Body Scrub!! I have ONLY 25 of these bundles available so get yours NOW! You can buy more than one; they make perfect gifts!! Contact me Today to claim yours!! Scents included: *Lemon & Rosemary—Sicilian lemon and rosemary *Washed Up—Fresh seaside air, ocean water, and…

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    Out with the Old….

    It’s that time of year again…a new Posh Paper is coming, just around the corner (February 3rd!) but in the meantime here is the list of retiring products: Rehab Lotion Bar Hoku Kukui Chunk Bless Your Heart Chunk Vanity Pear Chunk Rolling in the Deep Chunk Good Morning, Beautiful Chunk Love You a Whole Brunch Chunk End Mend Shampoo End Mend Conditioner Boho Soul BFYHC Happy Dance BFYHC All Fall Down BFYHC Dressed to Chill BFYHC Oh, Snap! BFYHC Sassy Sugar Shack Set of Lip Balms (and all individual Lip Balms) Orange Cara-mellow Lip Scrub Snowed In Lip Scrub Stay Gold Hydrating Face Mask Giving Me Life Face Mask Smashing…

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    Product of the Week Jan 8 – Jan 14th

    Are you dealing with dull, lifeless skin? Shea it isn’t so! Perfectly Posh’s  Classic Pink Snarky Bar moisturizes, hydrates, and protects with shea butter while scrubby sugar beads banish dry skin down the drain. With an exotic flower and sandalwood scent, this Snarky ensures a sassy new year.  Get it Here! I love this snarky for my feet.  It really helps scrub the dry skin off. Also, it’s helpful to exfoliate before shaving your legs! Check out the whole line of Snarky Bars Here!