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    Skin Care doesn’t have to be Scary

    Let’s talk about Healthy Skin and how your Skin Care does not need to be Scary. What Steps should you take for the ultimate Skin Care? Here are some tips that will help you get healthy, radiant and pampered looking skin. Each of these should be part of your Skin Care regimen. Exfoliate, Regularly! Exfoliation helps the dead skin cells that are found on the top layer of your skin, to be scrubbed off.  Doing this regularly will allow your moisturizing and hydrating products to soak into your skin better. Don’t Pull Down, Work the Products UP and Away! When you are cleansing, use circular motions. Start at your jaw…

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    Product of the Week Jan 8 – Jan 14th

    Are you dealing with dull, lifeless skin? Shea it isn’t so! Perfectly Posh’s  Classic Pink Snarky Bar moisturizes, hydrates, and protects with shea butter while scrubby sugar beads banish dry skin down the drain. With an exotic flower and sandalwood scent, this Snarky ensures a sassy new year.  Get it Here! I love this snarky for my feet.  It really helps scrub the dry skin off. Also, it’s helpful to exfoliate before shaving your legs! Check out the whole line of Snarky Bars Here!